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Car financing

The project’s highlight was the sharp decrease in overall transaction time: it makes document handling and consumer response more agile, leading to a marked drop in the contracting client’s annual costs.


Optimizing the Car Financing Approval Pipeline with a focus on reducing SLA and manual processes, with improved payment flows to resellers.




Over 12,000 resellers adopted the tool.

Reduced human analyses (half of the processes were carried out with no human intervention).

Improved response-time agility.

SLA down from 8 days to 20 minutes.

Sharply cut in annual costs (disclosure of figures has not been authorized).


Early document capture without opening for pending issues.

Automation of manual data-extraction processes (OCR and ICR).

Information-base querying.

Signature and facial recognition.

Flows approved by means of a Rules Engine.

Automatic payment.

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