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Credit factory


The strong competition in the Mexican financial sector led this bank, a major multinational company, to find ways to be more efficient by offering better quality services to customers.
Atento was then chosen as a business partner to improve the bank’s credit generation services.

Atento's solution

  • To achieve the goal, Atento developed a tool that was used in all of the bank’s credit products and enabled automatic and logical distribution of files to “credit agencies” reducing service time.
  • The tool could receive e-mail documents from branches and outlets creating a unique record for each client and generating an analysis to determine whether the client is creditworthy making an automatic distribution of files.
  • The process was divided into several phases with specialized staff to take care of each part of the process reducing analysis time of each phase.
  • The process works with a workflow that performs automatic distribution of files and allows the tracking of each phase of the process as well as the time executives spent in each individual process.


  • The service levels were improved by 30% and the loan approvals were sped up by 60%. In addition, a greater control over the processes was achieved.

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