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CX innovation to delight e-commerce clients

Our client is a leader in the Retail & eCommerce sector. Their site is an aggregator, offering customers millions of products from different countries and platforms, including Amazon, eBay and Walmart USA.

To achieve greater success in one of their key markets, the company needed to improve the quality of their current customer experience. They needed to apply a continuous improvement process aimed at achieving greater efficiency and more engaging interactions with customers.


Provide our customer with a complete multichannel solution while increasing satisfaction levels and quality standards.


  • Enhanced value by combining a knowledgeable technical and commercial CX consulting team with experience in customer solutions.
  • Hybrid team of agents working on site and through the Atento@Home model, decreasing rotation while guaranteeing security standards
  • Continuously trained team, fosucing on new technologies and tools
  • Ability to integrate with customers platform, providing agility for implementation and process optimization


  • +3,500 cases solved by email

  • 85% satisfaction level

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