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Enhancing Advertiser Experience & Retention for a digital platform

Prioritizing premium customer experiences and retention for online advertisers


Empower advertisers with knowledge and insights into Google’s marketing tools, fostering their independence and proficiency on the platform after an intensive 90-day coaching regimen.


Sequential Service Stages:

  • SRD (Clients Qualification): Agents discern the average expenditure of each advertiser, evaluate campaign levels, and gauge their objectives on the platform.
  • DSA: Dedicated agents guide and oversee advertisers in crafting and targeting their marketing campaigns throughout the pivotal 90-day coaching span.


Atento employs a strategic handoff system, transitioning advertisers from SRD to DSA cohorts for continued support. Additionally, they adeptly address and resolve cases not slated for such transitions, enhancing process efficiency and minimizing contact duration.


  • The SRD team hit their benchmarks within the inaugural week of operations.
  • For the DSA squad, quality standards were met by the second week, and by the third, they achieved their Close Rate – a pivotal metric indicating sales efficacy.
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