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Enhancing HR processes with AI/Cognitive

Revamping HR processes to foster a superior employee experience, while championing innovation, quality, and efficiency.


Refine Atento’s stature as a desirable employer, enriching the experience for potential recruits and streamlining hiring protocols.


  • Leverage AI for automated candidate screening, ensuring alignment with requisite qualifications and the desired profile.
  • Rollout of the Gupy platform, facilitating the real-time ranking of ideal candidates through cutting-edge AI capabilities.


  • Cultural Alignment tools pinpointing the resonance between the company’s ethos and potential candidates.
  • All-inclusive online management offering clear insights into each candidate’s suitability for a position.
  • End-to-end digital completion of the recruitment process, inclusive of AI-driven feedback via Gupy.


  • Achieved a substantial cost savings, approximately R$ 150,000.
  • Maintained a consistent average of 20 applicants for each available position, translating to 64,000 candidates for 3,200 roles monthly.
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