Car financing

The project’s highlight was the sharp decrease in overall transaction time: it makes document handling and consumer response more agile, leading to a marked drop in the contracting client’s annual costs.


Optimizing the Car Financing Approval Pipeline with a focus on reducing SLA and manual processes, with improved payment flows to resellers.


Adoption of a Multichannel Pipeline / Web Portal; Automation of manual data extraction processes (OCR and ICR).

Use of antifraud mechanisms: Queries on Information Bases, Signature and Facial Recognition.


- Over 12,000 resellers adopted the tool.
- Reduced human analyses (half of the processes were carried out with no human intervention).
- Improved response-time agility.
- SLA down from 8 days to 20 minutes.
- sharply cut in annual costs (disclosure of figures has not been authorized).


- Early document capture without opening for pending issues.
- Automation of manual data-extraction processes (OCR and ICR).
- Information-base querying.
- Signature and facial recognition.
- Flows approved by means of a Rules Engine.
- Automatic payment.

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