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Gamers taking care of gamers

A videogame giant from the Born & Digital industry needed to quickly implement a 100% remote operation with gamer profile agents to support their community. The project was fully structured in stages such as recruitment, selection and training. The training and development process was implemented remotely to ensure employees wellbeing during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Build a fully remote and differentiated operation, hiring the best talent to support our client’s customers’ needs. Apply a training and development philosophy to help them become brand ambassadors and provide gamers with best-in-class CX.


  • Hire highly-skilled agents familiar with the gaming world, to provide knowledgeable technical support backed by experience
  • Train agents and immerse them on the corporate culture to improve the customer experience by launching a Game laboratory to improve skills
  • Provide the operation with the best technology and tools to guarantee remote operations


  • 92.3% quality score

  • 4,32/t CSAT

  • 50,000 interactions monitored and moderated on social media/month

  • 5k interactions answered
    and manually monitored on external channels,
    forums and online communities.​

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