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Harnessing CCaaS for Expedited Deployment and Superior Outcomes

Swift Deployment of CaaS for Enhanced Agility and Performance


  • Facilitate a government initiative in El Salvador focusing on the management and transaction of cryptocurrencies.
  • Originate from an initial BPO while branching out to three additional BPOs.
  • Aiming for a full-fledged contact center platform roll-out within an ambitious three-week window.


  • Embrace a technical approach that’s inherently scalable, especially when contact volume forecasts are nebulous.
  • Adopt an agile methodology for swift onboarding of over 300 agents within a fortnight.


  • A collaborative venture between Atento and Five9, marshaling a dedicated task force to ensure precise execution.
  • Leveraging a cloud-based framework that requires mere configuration for configuration.


  • Achieved operational readiness in a remarkable 2-wek span.
  • Seamless integration with the other 3 BPOs.
  • Potential growth avenues due to the operation’s success:
  • Onboarding of 155 agents.
  • Fully operational 3500 trunks.
  • Capability to transfer calls to three distinct BPOs, with Atento leading the charge.
  • Recorded an impressive 10,000 average calls daily in the inaugural week, settling at a steady 7,000 average in the following days.
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