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Refining Chatbot Experiences through Process Mining

Efficient process mining for Chatbot-Customer Interaction


  • Achieve precision in process evaluation.
  • Discern if process variations are needed by tailored solutions for diverse entities over multiple channels.
  • Spotlight and rectify discrepancies, inefficiencies and holdups.


  • Furnish on-the-spot business process insights and incorporate robotic process automation.
  • Harness data analytics for operational optimization and preempting potential failures
  • Strengthen customer loyalty by ensuring they are part of the discovery and action-taking process to mend fissures.


  • Thorough scrutiny of 31,114 calls reveals 55% culminated in direct interaction with an agent.
  • The IVR system recorded 9% abandoned calls.
  • Agent-driven redirection accounted for 7% of IVR return calls.
  • A significant 34% of callers opted for the “Others” category in the IVR.
  • A brief 111-second window was all it took for self-management or agent interaction.
  • The IVR system provided 7 distinct options for callers to reach an agent.

Next Steps

  • Engage in a meticulous analysis of an expanded dataset covering an additional 2 months and pivot towards enhancing the customer journey based on the findings.
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