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RPA Factory in Back-Office Operations

Achieving a remarkable 90% cost cut by automating data extraction documentation from direct debit receipts


  • Achieve significant cost savings by automating tasks and phasing out the back-office service provider.
  • Internalize the task to ensure daily execution and eliminate delays.


  • Initiated an automation process to run in an attended mode, with human intervention only to input the bank password.
  • Offered unwavering support during the robot’s execution throughout 2020.
  • Seamlessly adapted to the bank’s newly optimized website.
  • Successfully transitioned the robot from attended to unattended mode.


  • Efficiently managed over 20 bank accounts spanning 8 distinct companies using a single robot.
  • Successfully downloaded more than 200K bank receipts.
  • Extracted and integrated over 1.5 million records into the database.
  • Ensured consistent daily execution to maintain optimal efficiency.


  • Slashed back-office expenses by a whopping 91%.
  • Expanded capacity, managing 30% more bank receipts without compromising efficiency.
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