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Stress-o-meter: Proactive Complaint Mitigation with Analytics

Streamlining support by pinpointing clients with heightened complaint probabilities


Delve deep into customer feedback and complaints within Procon to detect those who are most likely to escalate to Administrative Proceedings.


  • Carved out a segment representing customers with a pronounced tendency to lodge complaints with consumer protection bodies.
  • Formulated a bespoke communication script tailored to address the unique concerns of this high-risk group.
  • A dedicated team of agents was meticulously trained to employ this script, prioritizing conversations with these high-propensity complainants.
  • Customers flagged with a heightened complaint likelihood were seamlessly routed to this specialized team upon contact.


  • Boasting versatility, our model can be universally applied across diverse operations, making it an invaluable off-the-shelf asset.
  • Its pre-trained architecture ensures robust performance, even when furnished with limited training data.
  • By integrating advanced tools like BERT into our technology stack, Atento underscores its commitment to leading-edge Data Science solutions, a distinction few Brazilian firms can claim.


We achieved a notable reduction in complaint rates, with a decline nearing 5% specifically within Procon, Brazil’s premier consumer protection agency. This effectively led to a marked drop in overall customer grievances.

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