Atento consolidates itself as a benchmark in leadership and ESG practices in the CX sector

  • The company, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2024, takes stock of its history of impact on the community and the environment.
  • The company’s trajectory is marked by technological advances and the promotion of initiatives that contribute to society, going far beyond job creation.


São Paulo, July 03, 2024 – In the year in which it celebrates a legacy of more than two decades, marked by its commitment to promoting sustainability, social responsibility and transparency in business, Atento Luxco 1 (“Atento” or the “Company”) – one of the world’s largest providers of customer relationship management and business transformation process outsourcing (CRM/BTO) services and an industry leader in Latin America – reinforces its commitment to ESG with the conviction of the importance of its role for the progress of the communities in which it operates.

Taking care of people and the environment while maintaining transparency and governance is Atento’s way of believing in long-term prosperity. As part of its strategy, the company operates in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, supporting the achievement of greater global ambitions through local actions.

To act as a sustainable, inclusive organization capable of generating lasting benefits for the people, communities and markets in which it operates, Atento improves its programs and initiatives every year. “As a multinational company, the communities in which we operate are very diverse, so we adapt to their cultural, social and political contexts to contribute to their progress, according to their needs and demands. In this way, we develop global programs for the entire company, as well as local ones to achieve a greater impact in specific communities,” said Pablo Sánchez, CMO and director of ESG at Atento.

Recognized as one of the largest generators of employment in some of the countries in which it operates, the company has not only created thousands of jobs throughout its history, but also continues to promote social actions aimed at improving the quality of life of its employees and their environment. In this context, a diverse and inclusive environment stands out, in which its employees feel represented, cared for and committed, with a career plan for all.

According to Sánchez, taking care of its employees is a fundamental pillar for Atento to be able to offer the best service to its customers and consumers around the world. “To provide excellent services, it is necessary to take into account the experience of our employees. For this reason, the company has actions that range from reception and psychosocial support to the implementation of programs to support education and training, such as discounts at universities, mentoring sessions, awareness campaigns, among others,” he highlights.

In addition, Atento believes that supporting the communities in which it operates contributes to the progress of society and generates a competitive advantage for itself and its customers. Therefore, by investing in its environment, it reaffirms its role as a positive force for economic and social development. Throughout these 25 years, the company has carried out several initiatives aimed at communities, such as the donation of conservation chambers for vaccines against COVID-19 (Brazil); the support of the National Advisory Council on Childhood Cancer (Colombia); 21 years of collaboration with the Innocent Foundation (Spain); 20 years of volunteering with UNICEF Un sol para los niños (Argentina and Uruguay); supporting the Tent Partnership for Refugees, committing to explore recruitment and training opportunities for Afghans in the U.S.; among others.


Best practices for the environment

Awareness of environmental protection is also part of Atento’s history. In recent years, all this work has been recognized by Sustainalytics, which highlights us in the top 10% of companies worldwide.  For example, the organization has achieved a reduction of more than 30% in its carbon footprint, reinforcing the company’s commitment to climate change mitigation.

The teleworking model practiced in all the geographies in which it is installed is one of the main initiatives that, in addition to contributing directly to the quality of life of its employees, allows CO2 emissions to be reduced, since there is no longer any need to travel by any means of transport. In addition, Atento seeks to ensure that 100% of electronic waste and waste in general is disposed of in a sustainable way, thus participating in the circular economy. As for the type of energy used by the company, currently more than 60% comes from renewable sources.

“For us it is crucial to act consciously and consider the impact of our actions on the planet, promoting sustainable measures that ensure a balanced and healthy future for future generations,” concludes Sánchez.


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