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Travel, Transportation & Logistics

"Transform your internal processes to improve CX using automation"

Travel, Transportation & Logistics must have the ability to build a strong foundation of CX to be ahead of competitors, especially during difficult times. They must customize their services and products to suit their target audience’s priorities and demands.

Atento’s solutions help your business grow stronger, faster, and more resilient with the right workforce, leading-edge technology, automation, and machine learning to drive efficiencies and improve CX through all touchpoints.

What we offer:
Next Generation Services

We ensure authentic human touch with high-performance teams to create true interactions with your end-consumers. Predictive analytics help our workforce to support better decision-making during the interactions with clients throughout the customer journey.

  • Sales: B2B, field, cross & upselling.
  • Customer service: complaints handling, social media engagement, technical support.

Supported by capabilities like CX consulting, intelligent IVR, chatbots, conversational messaging, we help companies at different digital maturity stages to improve attrition rates, CSAT and sales associate productivity.

Streamline back-office operations eliminate repetitive tasks and issues that consume time from critical team members. Powered by RPAs, machine learning, and integrating front and back-office systems, we identify efficiencies to enhance the frontline team’s speed and quality.

How we can help:

Travel - Accommodations



Booking details


Room types


Credit cards

Extra facilities


Travel - Flights


Boarding pass & check-in

Flight booking

Changes and cancellation


My flight booking


Passenger details

Transportation & Logistics - Shipping

Package tracking


Cargo claim

+150 lbs shipment

Transportation & Logistics - Freight


Technical support

Volume services

Air/ocean forwarding

Extra-care handling

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