Carlos Lopez-Abadía, Atento’s CEO

3 CX trends you cannot ignore according to our CEO

3 CX trends you cannot ignore

In 2021, we continue to see changes around the world as a result of the pandemic, whether  in countries that are beginning to return to normal,  or in others that have a long way to go. Regardless of the  state of the transition, there are three trends in the customer experience that, in my opinion,  we cannot ignore:

  1. Hybrid Contact Centers will be the new normal:

The pandemic forced all businesses and sectors to reinvent themselves and customer experience services were not far behind. Technology allowed many of the agents to work from home looking for safety, and it was discovered that this increased the resilience and effectiveness of operations and opened up new possibilities to recruit new and better talent by removing the geographic barrier.

Organizations that faced this new normal with the right technology, tools, and processes managed to handle confinement while maintaining their service levels and satisfaction.

Atento continues to develop solutions to lead this new hybrid normal, such as Atento Virtual  Hub; a  single center to manage agents remotely,  100%  virtualizable, with the most advanced technology which can be deployed both at Atento’s facilities, clients’ or via telework.

  1. Self-Service optimization:

More and more consumers prefer to search for solutions on their own when the service provided is truly customized and effective.

With the support of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence,  automation,  machine learning,  chatbots, and others, the CX is transformed into a more personalized and dynamic Atento every day. The human touch must appear at the right time when the interaction or the customer’s need goes beyond the quality parameters,  so that not only does it solve that request quickly, but also it learns to improve the self-service process for future interactions.

  1. To offer frictionless experience both online and offline:

Integration across all channels is becoming a standard when connecting brands with customers.

Creating consumers’ profiles and connecting with them throughout the whole customer journey strengthens the connection with the brand and allows us to communicate personalized offers that,  instead of being perceived as intrusive, are welcomed by the affinity level. By doing so, it turns out into greater brand loyalty, faster revenue, and better return on investment. This is based on the principle that it is less expensive to keep (and develop) a current customer than to get a new one.

Companies that do not update their CX channel systems will lose brand preference over their competitors because CX is increasingly becoming the greatest competitive advantage.

Carlos López-Abadía, Atento CEO


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