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White paper: Discover the next level of sales, beyond personal sales

The way brands relate to their customers has evolved with the emergence of new digital channels. A fact that has become extremely pronounced with the Covid-19 crisis. If there was already a fast increase in the use of digital channels in the brand-customer relationship, the trend has been magnified by the arrival of the health crisis in which we have been forced to eliminate the face-to-face channel from our lives.

Thus, companies dedicated to managing customer experiences that had not yet sufficiently incorporated new channels into their services, had to do so as quickly as possible if they wanted to survive. In addition, based on the premise that the customer, increasingly informed and demanding, requires close and customized attention through digital channels, they’ll want to have a personal advisor who understands their needs and offers tailor-made products or services.

As a result of this reality, the opportunity has arisen to create a new sales service model that focuses on offering end customers a high value proposal through highly-qualified agents who, assisted by Artificial Intelligence tools and analytical technologies, can increase sales results while optimizing decision-making and complex problem solving. As a result, we can deliver memorable experiences to end customers.

In this white paper prepared by Atento, see how sales force can transformed in the post Covid-19 era.


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