CX Tips

Customer Experience has become a competitive advantage for companies, sometimes over and above the qualities of the product. Therefore, at Atento,we want to share some tips to improve the customer experience in order to help companies strengthen their customer service, regardless of their size.

To get the most out of customer service channels, the following useful tips should be taken into consideration:

Take care of the CX and give greater value to business interests. This can be done by providing information on the status of a client´s purchase or by faster response times.  

Enhance the qualities of the product or service, always taking into account the needs, expectations and preferences of the customer.

Focus on market trends and preferences, without emphasizing the competition´s actions.

Innovate in the solutions that are delivered to customers. It is essential to know which is the channel that customers use the most to get in touch with a company, and make it really efficient, mainly in terms of immediacy and accessibility.

Providing a good customer service can drive the success of a company’s service or product through positive feedback. A study carried out by Atento points out that companies could increase productivity by up to 21% with a right CX experience strategy, and even increase the recommendation rate by 22 p.p.

Therefore, companies should pay greater attention to:

Real-time relationship channels, such as phone calls, chats, and face-to-face services.

Assisted deferred channels: e-mail, web mails, callbacks and voicemail.

Provide comprehensive care. Unassisted channels should be strengthened by automated telephone systems with pre-established options or services that the user can complete without assistance through applications.

The profile of the Customer Care staff must also meet the highest standards. Atento recommends professionals with:

1-At least 6 months of working experience with high levels of recommendation, satisfaction and resolution at first contact.
2- Preferably with the highest degree of studies possible.


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