Carlos Lopez-Abadía, Atento’s CEO

Our CEO shares how we support our clients during the pandemic

During these unprecedented hard times, which is affecting the whole world, I would like to share with you how we are setting our priorities so can keep offering the best of each of us and ensuring the service continuity to you, our customers.

First of all, I would like to mention that for all us, the magnitude and impact have been, and continue to be, astonishing. Not only on a professional level but a personal level. At Atento, as a company, this crisis affected us in two main areas: dislocation of the entire chain production and dislocation of services demand.

How do we deal with this great challenge? By resetting our priorities:
1. Our employees’ health. By putting in place all available safety measures on sites and switching more than 72,000 agents to work remotely in less than 3 months.
2. Service delivery to our clients and end customers. By guaranteeing the highest quality in every interaction.
3. Financial stability. To maintain business strength and face all the extraordinary investments that have been necessary.
4. Our contribution to society. Launching aid and support programs across the different countries where we operate.

Based on these four guidelines, we made very good progress and achieved great results, including restoring the volume and service levels at the same level we had before the crisis began. Besides, we improved our satisfaction levels for both customers and employees.

And we do not stop. Because during the worst crises, there are always opportunities. Leveraging on them requires speed, innovation, and customer experience focus. Therefore, these are the three values that push us at Atento daily to deliver a better experience across the complete customer’s journey, whether it is through human contact or the latest technologies.

We are aware that this crisis has not ended and because of that, we do not cease our effort to continuously optimize our operations, keep improving our remote work capacity, and implementing all necessary measures to help protect our employees, so they can continue offering the great service all our customers deserve, while we prevent any risk.

Count on us as the partner who is next to you at all times.

Kind regards,

Carlos López-Abadía

CEO Atento


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