Spanish-Shoring: A Win for Culture and Profitability

By Pablo Sánchez, Atento CMO

Connectivity and customer-centric innovations have changed (and are still progressively changing) the way brands enable conversations with consumers. The rise of multicultural strategies and communications has operationalized the use of such technologies and data to create communications that resonate with audiences based on their cultural specificities.

Multicultural advertising and communication campaigns have become fixtures in US leading brands’ growth roadmaps, mainly targeting US Hispanics. Hispanics are not only the largest minority in the US, but they also have a spending power of more than $2T, making them a highly profitable target group.

Companies looking to expand their market share by targeting this segment (or niche brands targeting them) understand the value of adapting their marketing message to fit their culture, values and preferences. But what about the customer experience? A study by Harvard Business Review found that companies with high scores in brand and customer loyalty grow revenues 2.5 times faster than industry peers and deliver two to five times the returns to shareholders over 10-year time frames. Companies looking to build a sustainable revenue growth engine ‘cannot overlook the importance of designing thoughtful journeys that can lure customers in and keep them coming back for more.

Regarding the US Hispanic market, brands need to develop experiences centered around an integrated view of its members, including cultural profiles and backgrounds. That means utilizing interaction insights to understand behaviors, preferences and tendencies and relying on qualitative data to create richer customer personas.  

Having a clearly defined action plan to achieve more engaging connections with this segment is only the beginning. It can be a huge undertaking for medium to large companies looking to target Hispanics within their current CX offering. ‘That’s why many companies choose to outsource this component of their operation with BPOs that have Nearshore capabilities.

By Nearshoring their CX operations, brands can optimize budgets and break barrier languages with a geographically adjacent workforce. But to win the race for customer loyalty with US Hispanics, Nearshore operations must be grounded in local expertise, global operational standards, and the ability to culturally adapt brand experiences. More specifically, companies should consider the following factors when choosing a Nearshore partner:

Multicultural CX Capabilities: a team of CX experts, including trainers and coaches able to translate brand and product content into training and development modules, relevant to the target market. This also applies to the technology, tools and reporting applications available to teams for delivering these experiences. Internal technology departments must work with cross-functional areas to adapt technology platforms for agents to be successful while providing clients with clear visibility of CX outcomes.

Local Talent Market Experience and Presence: understanding the particularities of the local job market is crucial for sourcing highly qualified talent within short timelines. The most impactful talent acquisition campaigns are rooted in consistent employer branding and conscious involvement in the topics that really matter to local communities.

Established and Proven Work@Home Model: offers flexibility and scalability while allowing to tap into more diverse sources of qualified talent within a Nearshore market. Multicultural Work at Home campaigns should have the same employee engagement programs to ensure successful training, development and performance.

Global Delivery Model: an operational roadmap for consistent adherence to quality standards. Global Delivery Models are necessary for multicultural CX teams to ensure the quality of the experience is consistent throughout the customer journey, even when it has been adapted to serve a specific target. It also allows for systematic customer data collection and analysis, which is what ultimately drives the development of customized CX journeys.

These elements can help you deliver culturally engaging experiences that build stronger connections with the US Hispanic Market. By Spanish-Shoring with Atento, brands will go beyond breaking the Spanish language barrier to reach the hearts of Hispanic consumers.

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