Users no longer consume products, but experiences

In the last decade, digital technology has changed the global economy, creating new business models while changing consumer behavior. In this context, Born Digital companies -also known as Digital natives – have been the first to update and see the value of customer service to provide the best experience to their consumers.

In 2007, Netflix launched its streaming service and changed the landscape. With this new app, the company was able to gather more information about customers’ behavior, including how long they spent choosing a movie, what time of day they watched it, when they paused it, when they watched it again, and more. The goal, therefore, was to put customers at the center of their strategy. In this case, the company’s strength in handling Big Data and Analytics helps to improve the customer experience at all levels, from title recommendations to design and advertising. The information you collect and analyze enables you to target your audience effectively, with original content and other recommendations.

But for companies to respond with excellence to users, who consume experiences and not products, it is essential to focus on some points such as mapping and planning of the entire consumer experience.

Another key asset to take into account is the use of technologies that allow optimizing decision-making and solving complex problems, while ensuring the understanding of the entire consumer journey. To achieve this, many companies have applied Artificial Intelligence to analyze feelings and generate more humanized interactions. A really useful tool in this field is Data Science, because it allows a predictive analysis of new habits.

Another success case of customer service in digital native companies is the Uber model. The company collects and analyzes data in real time, from the moment a trip is requested until shortly after the customer has reached destination. This data is used to optimize the user experience, which drives logistics efficiency while allowing the necessary flexibility to adapt to the consumer´s needs and lifestyle. Advanced analytics solutions can help you gain a deep insight into the market, allowing you to increase efficiency, accelerate growth and reduce costs.

Cutting-edge technology definitely improves the customer experience. Automated service interfaces based on natural language processing -IVRs, chatbots or virtual agents- can also be great allies, since they reduce costs, while increasing resolution and satisfaction. Language processing also helps prevent complaints from taking on a larger dimension and reaching, for example, a regulatory body. For Atento, putting all these technologies at the service of our clients has been key to optimizing results and improving the experience of users.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop solutions to execute and manage the entire service journey of companies in integrated human and digital channels, based on advanced technology, consulting and a new generation of services that, combined with extensive experience, provide information in each stage of the customer journey. In short, the power of technology blended with the human touch, promotes much more than interactions: it really facilitates true connections.

Pablo Sánchez Pérez, Atento Global CMO

*This article is a translation of an article  published here.


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