White paper: Technology allowed an effective and quick deployment for Atento@Home

Over the past two decades, there have been generational changes in workgroups and work culture. In 2015, Millennials and Generation Z (or Gen Z, as they are more commonly known) represented one-third of the workforce; however, they now account for over 50% of the global workforce. In Mexico, Millennials represented 26.5% of the population (25 to 39-year-old) in 2019, which means almost 27 million people. This new workforce is competitive, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and dynamic, and strives to achieve a work-life balance by adopting more flexible schedules compatible with their lifestyle. Besides, Covid-19 reality has disrupted everyone’s lives and forced them to make changes in record time, making remote working the necessary solution to covering two needs:

  • To allow the continuity of many businesses;
  • To protect employees’ health.

In this white paper written by Atento, find out how technology enabled telecommuting growth in different industries, locations, jobs, and how the contact center industry embraced remote working programs, as more companies recognize the value of the Atento@Home model in attracting and retaining talent while keeping costs down.


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