B2B Collections

Innovation in customer analytics with compassionate agents for sustainable, measurable outcomes.

Debt collection requires a combination of proactive data-driven solutions with empathetic agents. Our team of collection experts identify key decision makers within organizations and develop bespoke strategies to ensure recovery.


+ 40 %

in payment commitment increase

+ 60 %

of payments received

+ 25 %

client portfolio expansion


Receivables Management

Our platform can track results based on payment commitment. Real-time performance and result tracking based on payment commitments.

Better Performance

Contact enrichment and negotiator profile through advanced analytics.

Keep Buying

Strategies intended to reduce friction and incentivize future conversions.


High-skilled agents with account manager profiles guarantee relevant negotiation options for customers

Sustainability and Performance groups monitor collections strategies in real time, ensuring KPI adherence.

Reduced portfolio rolling and offering of other financial products.

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