Keep customers engaged through personalized and attentive customer care.

Using advanced analytics, we create rich customer profiles to inform our retention strategies, reverting service cancellations or even recovering revenues after cancellations. We use a custom approach for each touchpoint, thanks to predictive analytics models, tailoring timely value added offers. Our CX consultancy uses complaint data analysis to identify the root cause of cancellation requests and deliver proactive solutions that promote customer retention.


Up to 25 p.o.

in overall retention index

85 % of clients retained

with no discount offer

65 % retention rate

over total cancellations


Complaint Reduction

We minimize complaints  by understanding customers’ expectations and delivering proactive offers

Lower Retention Costs

Leveraging “Next Best Action” and “Next Best Offer” analytics models.

NPS Improvement

Supporting seamless connections between your brand and your customers.


CX ConsultancyQuality Insights, and Process Transformation areas  use a holistic view of your customer persona to design retention strategies that lead to long term profitability.

Data Science teams use interaction analytics to support our sales specialists in driving profitable brand connections.

Focus on NPS improvement along with the retention cost x revenue forecast analysis. NPS-focused and brand-oriented, our delivery teams prioritize cost efficiency and agility.

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