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Revolutionize Your Agent Knowledge Data Platform with Atento Knowledge Assistant Chatbots

Atento Knowledge Assistant Chatbots are powerful tools that help companies enhance the customer experience by providing quick and accurate responses to queries. They also recommend improved processes for agents to follow when resolving customer issues.

Effortless Execution with Atento AI Studio

Our process is straightforward.

Comprehensive Insights Across Domains

Our suite of tools, supported by a specialized Generative AI Specialized Team and robust Prompt Techniques provides you with:

Step into the future of Customer Experience

Empower Your Agents with Atento Knowledge Assistant and Hubbie
Atento’s Knowledge Assistant, powered by Atento Generative AI, is seamlessly integrated into Hubbie, our dedicated agent bot assistant, to enhance the capabilities of our quality agent platform — Qualistore.

By incorporating Hubbie, you can:

  • Utilize our Knowledge Assistant powered by Atento GenAI for both online and offline support.
  • Integrate into Qualistore for a comprehensive agent support solution.
  • Benefit from intelligent search mechanisms that enable employees to swiftly address queries and provide informed guidance via chat support.

With the integration of Hubbie and our Knowledge Assistant, we guarantee:

  • Rapid implementation for a more efficient workflow.
  • Extensive systemic integration that aligns with your operational needs.
  • Secure access to information, ensuring data protection.
  • Ongoing technical support to maintain high service standards.
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