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AI/Cognitive BOT and Omnichannel for Urban Mobility

Automation of Customer Journeys for app’s drivers and consumers (Urban mobility app)


Initiate an automated digital channel, capable of real-time responses, tailored to address Frequently Asked Questions.

Integrate a:

  • CX Advisers Pool: specializing in  post-sale tasks for both drivers and passengers through the app.
  • Supply Back Office: for the activation of new drivers’ and the modification of personal data.


  • Comprehensive reimagining of the end-to-end customer journey.
  • Deployment of a Chatbot tool designed to automate responses for both driver and passenger FAQs.
  • Bot identifies the nature of the inquiry and city, facilitates the provision of information, and prompts for any further required details.
  • Robust support for passengers  and drivers regarding queries and incidents.


  • Holistic solution by Atento that seamlessly merges human intervention with digital channels, covering every facet of costumer registration.
  • Advanced chatbot Integration across platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and the Zendesk CRM.
  • Automated response mechanism that provide multimedia and user-friendly interactions for FAQs.
  • A versatile chatbot, enhanced with carousels and images.


  • Successfully scaled to bolster a rapidly expanding operation. 
  • Surpassed quality indicators, averaging at 87%, which is above the set target of 85%, within a span of just 5 months.
  • Efficient resolution of over 10,000 cases on a monthly basis.
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