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AI/Cognitive NLP BOT in Energy Sector

Utilizing AI & Cognitive NLP to streamline services for an energy company's clientele.


  • Introduce novel channels and services to the customers of the energy company.
  • Foster quick and convenient self-service avenues for information and services.


  • Incorporation of cognitive services coupled with natural language processing to precisely discern customer requirements.
  • Commenced the rollout with services already present in the existing IVR system.


  • Paved the way for a broader spectrum of communication channels and avenues for consumers.
  • Achieved a significant reduction in manual operations through enhanced self-service capabilities.


  • Successful integration of new communication channels such as Messenger, Chat, and WhatsApp.
  • Marked the pioneering introduction of a bot for the brand.
  • Accomplished a stellar 66% resolution rate through self-service bots.
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