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AI/Cognitive Stressometer for Better CX

Leveraging cutting-edge AI to pinpoint dissatisfied consumers, averting regulatory complaints and amplifying customer satisfaction.


  • Proactively address and resolve issues before they escalate to regulatory bodies.
  • Elevate the customer satisfaction index through robust assessment and action on satisfaction surveys.


  • Deploy the Stressometer to swiftly detect and address potential detractors.
  • Strategically rank stress levels, prioritizing customer engagement to thwart complaints from reaching oversight entities.
  • Drive both internal and external process enhancements, founded on the deep insights from audio spectral flow analyses.


  • Expedited implementation process completed in under a month
  • Stressometer, an exclusive Atento innovation, is rooted in advanced AI and Data Science tools.
  • The software adeptly discerns and categorizes customer grievances across diverse channels. This I gauged based on stress markers detected in voice tones and specific terminologies employed by consumers.


Witnessed a remarkable surge in the CSAT index by +12 percentage points.

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