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Analytics-Driven High Value Voice

Countering contract cancellation with the power of data analytics


  • Counteract customer churn intentions.
  • Enhance retention metrics, fostering brand loyalty.
  • Sustain the existing revenue foundation.


  • Onboard agents aligning more closely with the ideal profile.
  • Extend personalized offers to bolster the retention rate and deepen customer engagement.
  • Foster an active managerial approach, harmonizing retention goals with financial outcomes.


  • Employed a predictive analytics approach to craft the NBO (Next Best Offer)
  • Emphasized a team-centric approach with a keen eye on performance metrics (KPIs).
  • Adjusted the agent profile which resulted in slashing attrition rate from 15% down to 5%.


  • Achieved a significant leap in retention, surging 25 pp (from an initial 40% to an impressive 65%)
  • Notably, within this retention boost, a whopping 85% of customers were secured without resorting to discount offers.
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