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Elevating CX through technology and human talent

One of Latin America´s leading supermarket chain with presence in different markets, wanted to.

The company trusted in Atento not only to completely redesign the digital E2E CX of its customers, but to add value and real-time support through the perfect combination of technology and human resources.


Transform the company´s E2E digital strategy to provide customers with real-time care, leveraging Analytics and AI-enabled solutions


  • Complete redesign of the company´s digital CX by automating status tracking and delivery control processes
  • Social Media monitoring 24/7 to achieve greater satisfaction levels through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter real-time analysis
  • Team of agents working 100% through the Atento@Home model, reaching greater productivity and drastically increasing rotation
  • Combination of technology and highly qualified agents, focused on delivery and timely resolution by direct commun


  • 93% Service level (+8% increase in first months)

  • +25k monthly calls

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