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Operational Excellence with RPA Factory

Improving process efficiency by 25% across B2B and B2C Customer Care ventures.


  • Enhance process efficiency across large-scale B2B and B2C operations.
  • Achieve substantial cost savings through SLA improvements.


  • Adopted a process and CX consulting approach to architect optimal automation designs.
  • Bots Development: Embraced end-to-end robotic solutions from programming and testing to quality assurance.
  • Operations & Feedback: Monitored KPIs meticulously and incorporated best practices for continuous improvement.


  • Achieved automation across 26 diverse processes.
  • Collaboratively developed over 100 robots , with an aggregate of 250+ robots now in operation.


  • Successfully transitioned 5,000 agents to embrace these cutting-edge processes.
  • Reduced Time to Market (TMO) by a significant 25% (average TMO now standing at 540 seconds).
  • Witnessed an impressive ROI within just a year.
  • Realized full-time staff reductions: 300 FTEs in B2B and 460 FTEs in B2C sectors.
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