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Optimizing Agent Performance through CX Language User Interface

Enhancing Agents Efficiency for the Born Digital champion


  • Expedite the agents’ learning process.
  • Boost the performance of new agents from day one.
  • Elevate the rate of first-contact resolutions.


  • A comprehensive E2E process examination pinpointing the pivotal stages in an agents’ learning journey, encompassing hiring, training, and onboarding.
  • Incorporation of role-play-based training materials.
  • Transition to a case-based learning model.


  • A team finely tuned with our service proposition, consistently delivering customer satisfaction.
  • Learning modules meticulously designed to suit the Atento@Home model.
  • Potential business impact recognized in Colombia, drawing inspiration from Brazil’s successful experiences.


  • A substantial decrease in the learning curve, trimming the duration from 90 to a concise 60 days.
  • An impressive 95% of agents successfully navigated trough the preliminary training phase.
  • The first-contact resolutions observed a rise, moving up from 77% to a commendable 81.8%.
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