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Resolutive Chatbot for the electric energy sector

Chatbot increases service volume ten-fold.


To offer a new service experience enabling clients to make inquiries and request services with increased agility and convenience. Also, to enable toe company to gain more accurate data and increased control over service via social media.


  • To implement a resolutive and integrated technology solution for customer service automation; to enable self-service based on existing options; and to make the brand transition with the least possible impact on consumers.


  • 60% chatbot-service retention.

  • Ten-fold increase in chatbot service volumes.

  • Increased confidence in service via social media.

  • Self service with immediate resolution, without human interaction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Contact via social media.

  • Resolutive chatbot.

  • Data centralization.

  • Continued improvement processes.

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