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Revolutionized IVR Experience

Elevating customer interaction through a humanized IVR, improving customer experience and substantial cost savings for a leading electronic payment firm.


  • Improve IVR efficiency to minimize call transfers and boost resolution rates.
  • Reinforce brand image through a superior IVR experience.
  • Ensure the consistence performance of the IVR interface post-implementation, through regular monitoring and adjustments.


  • Comprehensive assessment of call volumes, couple with a redefinition of contact reasons and sub-reasons, to craft a revamped IVR design rooted in the LUI methodology.
  • Spearheaded the development of novel APIs.
  • Pioneered intuitive navigation flows, integrating anticipation and propensity analyses to identify primary contact reasons.
  • Undertook a meticulous review of existing IVR KPIs and retention paradigms.


  • Conceptualized a unique brand persona, tailoring voice tone and linguistic design to embody the brand’s ethos.
  • Orchestrated a customer-centric IVR, prioritizing key customer journeys to provide a seamless experience.
  • Devised an innovative cost and revenue model, anchoring it to IVR performance metrics and realized outcomes.


  • Witnessed a significant uptick in call retention, climbing from 21% to an impressive 30%.
  • Boosted the efficacy of offers, with their propensity surging from 10% to 15%.
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