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Self-Service for a railroad leader

Taking Renfe's customer experience to another level


To position Renfe, the railroad service leader for passengers and merchandise in Spain, as the benchmark in terms of customer service quality and efficiency.


  • To develop a phone interactive self-service platform.
  • 300 agents hired for telesales, customer assistance, and information.
  • Rerouting to an interactive system of 15% of phone calls.
  • Classic menus elimination and substituted by an advanced en routing solution that recognizes prompts in a natural way.
  • Automated voice recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies.


  • 180 simultaneous calls handling capability, processing up to 10,000 calls per hour.

  • Automatic rerouting of 94% out of total cases and activating virtual agents for the remaining 6% in a seamless way.

  • Dedicated agents for high value tasks.


Customer confidence reinforced. Atento has been offering CX solutions for Renfe since June 2017 and has recently extended this cooperation 2022.

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