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Service Automation

This project earned public recognition (Cliente S/A 2019 award, Smart Customer 2019 award), improved service, and built the loyalty of the power utility’s customers. The use of virtual services was extended and service costs were down 30%.


To improve consumers’ experience in their relationship with EDP by modernizing bureaucratic processes and increasing the use of digital channels.


  • To foster operations digitalization with the latest in service solutions and to integrate communication channels by means of Atento’s advanced omnichannel platform, in such a manner as to improve perceived value to consumers.


Integration of all channels – Voice, E-mail, Chatbot, WhatsApp, SMS, social Media and more – to ensure a straightforward journey without repetitive information, adding agility and assertiveness. In one year:

  • 88% customer approval of service received;

  • Customer-service costs down around 30%;

  • 25% decrease in complaint notes from EDP costumers;

  • 21% increase in usage of the company’s virtual channels.

  • SLI (Service Level Index) above the goal stipulated by the National Electric Energy Agency – Aneel. The regulatory authority’s ideal index is for 85% of calls to wait in line up to 30 seconds before service. In the two states where EDP operates, its INS exceeds 98%.

  • 8.69 average NPS score.

  • 81% fist-contact case resolution rate.


  • Cognitive Chatbot and SMSbot

  • Humanized and transitional VRU

  • Speech Analytics (real-time)

  • Virtual Agents

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