AI leverages your business. Discover how!

Have you noticed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increasingly become part of our daily lives? We make use of it when we use GPS, when we chat with a company to ask for information or when we watch video content on streaming platforms and get recommendations on similar content.

AI is a mathematical and statistical model based on data that simulates the human capacity to think, perceive and make decisions. It has become a great ally for companies to leverage their business. The “The Global AI Agenda: Latin America” report released by MIT Technology Review in June 2020, reveals that almost 80% of large companies in Latin America make use of AI. The same report points out that by 2022 Artificial Intelligence will be used in 21%- 40% of business processes.

The pandemic of the new coronavirus that has accelerated much of the digital transformation processes, and has made Artificial Intelligence emerge as an even more powerful solution thanks to its more humanized interactions with customers. But AT is much more than a robot:  it is a tool that needs to be constantly trained so it can increasingly make intelligent decisions and obtain assertive answers. And that´s how Atento´s Cognitive AI works.

How does Atento’s Cognitive AI work?

Atento’s Cognitive AI uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to build more humanized sentiment analysis and interactions with costumers. Machine Learning is the study of computational algorithms that allow these analyzes to be improved automatically, through the experience of the machine. Through these technologies it is possible to process, share and distribute information intelligently. That is how Atento is able to build customized journeys and deliver the design of the best relationship strategy for each customer profile.

In the process of cognitive AI, Data Science tools are also applied to develop statistical models and neural networks. In this way, all data is transformed into insights, providing agility and precision to processes, as well as assertiveness and humanization to interactions.

Atento processes thousands of interactions every minute and continuously analyzes data from multiple sources such as consumer behavior, demographics, and interactions across multiple channels and touch points. That is how the interactions between the consumer and the machine keep on improving.

This tool can work without human intervention thanks to an Artificial Intelligence algorithm capable of understanding what the user writes with a 90% efficiency, resulting in a level of customer satisfaction greater than 95%. These positive results have made the use of chatbots become popular mainly in the sectors of Technology, Retail, Banking, Insurance and HR.

Atento’s Cognitive AI is also used in some of their capabilities and solutions, such as the Stressometer. Through the use of Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, this exclusive tool can measure the customer’s stress level through a voice or text conversation, which helps avoid complaints thanks to predicting customer behavior and deal with it properly.

Atento´s Cognitive AI is also used in the ​​LUI (Language User interface) area, as it allows for creating smarter bots and IVRs able to solve simple demands, letting human agents engage in more complex processes. It also offers the possibility of building a robot with its own personality, represents the brand values ​​and meeting the needs of the consumers. Those are the conversational brand personas.

These are the key features of Atento´s Cognitive AI:

  • Mapping, planning and design of the consumer journey.
  • Front- and back-office Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • More humanized interactions focused on problem-solving.
  • Creation of conversation design and conversational personas.

With a lot of technology involved, Atento´s Cognitive AI optimizes several processes for companies and humanizes interactions with customers, which positions it as an agile and assertive solution.

Atento combines technology and human touch to offer the best solutions on the market.



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