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Atento around the world

Atento: in the top 10 of companies embracing diversity in a big way

According to a CNN Brazil, Atento is one of the 10 companies that are most concerned with diversity.

“Partner of TransEmpregos, the telemarketing company based in Madrid, Spain, says it has a structured policy for diversity. Among the actions, he mentions the initiative to attract trans professionals, with active participation in employability fairs focused on these people. Schneider, founder of TransEmpregos, highlights the company’s work: “The telemarketing sector has not stopped growing in the pandemic (…). In the six years we have worked with Atento, there are 1,300 trans people, out of 81,000 employees in the country”, he says.

Among other actions, in 2013, it adopted the use of bathrooms according to gender identity. In addition, in 2014 he created the social badge, a document that bears the name with which the employee most identifies himself, not necessarily the one that appears on his ID or birth certificate. The measure also applies to corporate e-mail names, benefits such as Food Vouchers, and encouraging employees to wear clothes associated with the gender with which they most identify.”

Check out the full article here.


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