Atento, recognized with the UN WEPs Brazil 2021 Award

In July 2021, Atento was recognized with the UN WEPs (Women´s Empowerment Principles) Brazil 2021 Award, with an honorable mention for our gender equality actions. This initiative, owned by the United Nations (UN), is carried out through the Brazilian Network of the UN Global Compact and UN Women in Brazil. 

This recognition promotes the economic empowerment and leadership of women as a pillar for sustainable, inclusive and equitable growth and recognizes the efforts of companies that promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in Brazil.

For Ana Marcia Lopes, our Vice President of Human Resources, Social Responsibility and Internal Affairs, a productive space for coexistence, interaction and dialogue, without any prejudice, is essential. “Currently, 69% of our workforce are women, 59% of them in leadership positions. Creating an environment of equal opportunities for women is essential. This recognition by the UN shows that we are influencing not only employees, but also the environment of our operations while contributing to a more egalitarian society”, says Ana Marcia.

We are one of the largest employers in the country, with more than 70,000 employees and one of our principles is the promotion of diversity. Our actions are focused on raising awareness, inclusion and employability both in the hiring of employees and in the implementation of internal projects. In addition to that, we are part of the Equity is a Priority movement of the UN Global Compact, where we affirm our commitment to have 50% women in senior leadership positions (C-level positions) by 2030. Today, 46% of these positions are held by women in our company.

You can watch the ceremony here


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