Bridging Theory and Practice: AI and AR Training

By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst

Atento, an outsourcing and offshoring consulting company, has unveiled the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) into their training processes. This innovative move aims to seamlessly blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, fostering higher retention rates and enhancing critical thinking capabilities among their workforce. This shift is a testament to Atento’s commitment to nurturing talent and driving transformative changes in the talent industry landscape.

“By integrating theoretical knowledge and practical applications, Atento ensures that its employees are not just equipped for their current roles but are also prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. This integration serves as the cornerstone of effective learning, as it transforms abstract theories into actionable skills, nurturing a mindset of adaptability and creativity – essential qualities in today’s fast-paced business world,” Rubén Rivera Cortés, Sales and Marketing Director, Atento told MBN.

Atento is revolutionizing conventional teaching methods through the adoption of AI. At the core of this shift is a profound concept: AI is not merely automating tasks; it is enhancing human abilities. By integrating AI into their training programs, the company is cultivating a learning atmosphere where employees do not simply adjust to technology; they excel within it. This is representative of a growing realization that emerging technologies are meant to serve a collaborative role in human-led innovation.

Atento’s dedication to immersive learning experiences is prominently showcased through the strategic utilization of augmented reality (AR). The seamless integration of AR into their training courses offers employees unprecedented ways to engage with content. Moreover, Atento has taken generational differences into account and developed a program with interfaces resembling intuitive smartphone applications, aimed at transcending generational boundaries.

“At Atento, we recognize the importance of aligning technology with individual talents. By doing so, we empower every team member, regardless of their familiarity with emerging technologies, to unlock their full potential in our ever-evolving digital landscape,” Cortés added.

Altogether, Atento’s integration of AI, coupled with the fusion of theoretical understanding and practical application, represents more than just a shift in operational methods; it signifies a profound transformation in the future of work. This comprehensive learning

approach not only hones individual employee skills but also serves as a catalyst for driving overall success and fostering innovation within the industry.


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