Chatbots interactions increase and deliver 90% effectiveness

Chatbots have been gaining ground providing service to customers in various sectors. According to some reports, it is estimated that almost a quarter of the world´s population used one of these tools in 2019.

At Atento we combine bots, digital, and voice channels to ensure better understanding and responses with higher precision, using technology that delivers an experience similar to talking to a human being. For example, in Mexico our user interaction with brands improved by 60% using chatbots.

A Chatbot is a program capable of understanding written language, and executing predetermined actions depending on what the customer wants to express, ranging from scheduling an appointment, generating a report or even booking a hotel. To develop a chatbot, we create a product to understand and even anticipate the user’s needs, thus building customized content with clear, consistent, and colloquial messages. This model also integrates with other available channels through an omnichannel platform, providing an even better CX.

Artificial intelligence boosts efficiency to more than 90% Chatbots can perform without human intervention thanks to the Artificial Intelligence algorithm, which enables them to understand what the user is writing with an accuracy higher than 90%, which helps to deliver a customer satisfaction level above 95%. Thanks to these positive results, its use became popular mainly in the Technology, Retail, Banking, Insurance, and HR industries.

Another advantage of implementing chatbots is the operational continuity they offer: delivering service 24/7. There is also great flexibility to make this type of solution feasible, although the most popular channels are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Web Chat, they can also be integrated into Twitter, email and SMS messages.

We, at Atento, know consumers’ habits deeply and understand which models generate the best results, thanks to managing more than 2 billion contacts per year, plus accumulating more than 10,000 hours of experience and customer knowledge every 10 minutes. “Today, Chatbots are revolutionizing the customer experience. At Atento we can implement them with the specific needs and language required by each brand user, providing automated responses that allow us to have a whole conversation with customers, as they would with a human”, explains Mauricio Castro, Product Director at Atento.

The chatbots’ performance is measured the same way as with an agent: the number of interactions attended and satisfaction percentage. The agent intervention is only necessary when the algorithm detects any problem in identifying certain words or commands. When this happens, Atento Programming Team has linguists support who help to program the new terms to adapt and continuously improve the service. Semantic technology advances and improvements Complementing this offer, since 2017, through a partnership with Keepcon, a leader in customer experience management based on semantic technology, we have expanded our AI and automation capabilities.

All our solutions can be integrated with this tool, which allows you to monitor, analyze, and manage customers’ feelings and needs with greater precision. Besides, we offer LUI (language User interface) specialized teams – linguists, anthropologists, writers and screenwriters – whom with the use of tools can analyze consumer behavior variations, accents, volume, tone issues voice and linguistics to build dynamic communication and develop a tailored response for each client.

We provide knowledge and experience to customers with the latest technology to deliver the best CX.


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