Hyper-personalization of the world through CX

Achieving customer satisfaction is the goal of thousands of companies around the world. Regardless of the target audience or type of product or service on offer, generating conformity and gratitude amongst customers will create benefits for the brand in the long term, including customer loyalty, increased sales, and positive reviews.

However, pleasing customers entails various actions, including studying their preferences, recognizing their patterns of behavior, analyzing the competition, and building a strategy that makes it possible to offer a positive and memorable experience. However, fully identifying these aspects and proceeding with them is insufficient, as this is a process that is constantly evolving to respond to the needs and trends of customers and society in general.

The customer experience forms part of the list of aspects essential to becoming one of their preferred choices. When it comes to the digital experience, the degree of difficulty achieving this may increase because of the real limited interaction between people. As a result, hyp-personalization is a growing trend, becoming progressively more important for today’s consumers. These consumers are known for being highly digitalized, always connected, and informed. Service becomes a key tool for making the customer feel heard, attended to, and satisfied, and to achieve this, using data responsibly is critical; this, combined with analysis and automation, will create unique experiences.

Furthermore, AI tools will add points when it comes to creating a digital experience based on hyper-personalization, as automatic learning, among other factors, ensures that data is harnessed in real-time and generates highly individualized experiences relevant to each need.

Although automation and the presence of chatbots are essential—according to a recent study by Infobip, 21% of financial companies in Latin America currently use chatbots and virtual assistants. This technology provides benefits such as cost reduction, process acceleration, and 24/7 assistance—, it is essential to connect the service of agents and generate a balance between humanity and automation to create an optimized workflow and make hy-personalization a feature of the brand, depending on the perception, needs, and interests of the customer.

At Atento, we have created integrated multichannel solutions that incorporate the different service channels we offer and provide a fluid experience between them. Thus, the customer may contact the brand using one channel and continue the conversation using another without affecting their experience.

Furthermore, using the multichannel approach, data intelligence makes it possible to identify the consumer’s preferred communication channel. This helps to increase personalization, customer satisfaction, and sales.


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