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Integrated Multichannel

A full range of orchestrated and integrated digital channels (Automated and Agent-Led) that deliver a unique and seamless CX. Integrated multichannel provides a much more powerful experience than the one delivered by every channel in isolation.



1. Digital Sales
2. Digital Customer Care
3. Digital Early Collections
4. Cross & Up Selling
5. Shielding
6. Social Media Engagement
7. Late Collections

Combines digital and traditional sales with Data Science for more efficient sales and maximized conversion. Optimizes investment and reduces costs based on an end-to-end view of the customer journey.

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Applies semantics technology and Data Science to predictive analysis of the best course of action, with agile customer responses, focusing on engagement and efficient troubleshooting. Plus content curating and service systems integration, in addition to human contact as needed.

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The most efficient end-to-end collections solution: it operates on every phase and channel to gather the various features and tracking KPIs on a single platform. Simplifies management and adds intelligence and speed to the process.

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Combination of channels and technology to offer additional products to end consumers in an innovative way.

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Driven by Predictive Analytics that triggers proactive interactions with customers, using integrated multichannel to provide better customer experience, which focuses on to avoid the churn risk and keep a long-term relationship.

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A resolutive and automated social media engagement solution that offers excellence in service, monitoring, moderation and management, through social networks, supported by semantic technology.

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Managing the late stage collection process focusing on credit recovery. It has an analytics layer to improve data in order to ensure the location of the final consumer, generate models of payment propensity, scoring and intelligent segmentation. Offering efficient channels, attraction and re-marketing campaigns for negotiation with reach and recovery.

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