People and AI in Harmony: Challenges and Opportunities in the Evolution of CX in 2024

By Dimitrius Oliveira, Atento’s CEO

Marked by rapid economic, social, technological, and environmental changes, 2024 promises to be a year of unique opportunities and significant challenges for the CX market. Trends signal a period of remarkable evolutions, driven by technological advancements and a growing emphasis on personalization and automation of processes.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated, personalization will reach new heights. A new model is established, ranging from more accurate product recommendations to interactions with digital assistants capable of understanding and responding to emotional nuances, creating truly unique experiences for each user.

However, it is important to realize that AI will not replace human labor but will be an ally in deeply understanding individuals and simplifying the processes involved, further enabled by the increasing automation of systems. All this to ensure, in addition to increasingly agile, assertive, and resolutive contacts for consumers, interactions that also add value to businesses.

In this scenario, effective collaboration between people and technology will be fundamental for creating this value and constant innovation. I see people as the main protagonists in this process, which means that the level of specialization of agents tends to be higher and higher. And, in the end, we will have much more satisfactory journeys for both CX professionals and the consumer.

Simultaneously, the information era continues to evolve with the strategic use of predictive analytics. The ability to collect, analyze, and apply large data sets effectively remains a key pillar for success in CX. We know that customers will increasingly demand that brands anticipate their needs based on their relationship history. Therefore, the advancement of predictive data analysis will be crucial for a more effective business strategy and for identifying potential risks.

Finally, in 2024, the ESG agenda remains strong. It is already proven that the adoption of ESG programs also has the potential to create a competitive advantage. Organizations with clear sustainability, social, and governance goals play a crucial role in gaining the trust of customers and prospects who share the same values. Engaging with employees, consumers, suppliers, and society is a strong trend that will grow in the coming years.

Ready to lead the journey towards BTO (Business Transformation Outsourcing), Atento is excited to guide its clients in this great endeavor. With our unique business knowledge, based on experience and consultancy, we will support and drive the transformation of our clients’ businesses with the best of each of the trends identified.


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