The Importance of Consumer Feedback to Improve CX

In today’s business environment, consumer feedback has emerged as a cornerstone in shaping superior customer experiences (CX), driving satisfaction and long-term loyalty. According to recent data highlighted by eMarketer, 88% of consumers in 2022 stated that the experience a company provides is as crucial as its products or services, showing a significant increase from 80% in 2020. This indicates a growing consumer trend where the quality of interactions with a company weighs as heavily as the quality of its products. If Apple had not provided an outstanding customer experience, brand fans would have stopped buying their products a long time ago.

Personalized experiences have emerged as a key driver of consumer loyalty. The Twilio Segment State of Personalization Report reveals a significant trend, with 56% of consumers in 2023 expressing their likelihood to become repeat customers after experiencing tailored interactions. This marks a 7% increase year-over-year, highlighting the growing importance of why companies now more than ever, need to pay close attention to what their consumers are saying. The report also notes that technology, particularly AI-driven strategies, is a major enabler of this personalization, with 92% of companies adopting such strategies. But it’s not just about having the AI technology, it’s also about how you use the data insights to create memorable moments that keep them loyal to your brand.

To deliver a memorable customer experience using these data insights, Atento has developed Atento AI Studio, a platform that leverages the proprietary technology Data Ocean to process data. This technology enables a secure Corpus Governance, empowering clients to harness AI technology in a safe environment. This platform is more than just about having AI technology, it is also about how businesses can use the data insights to create personalized interactions that nurture brand loyalty.

Part of the three solutions Atento offers in the Atento AI Studio is Atento Insights. This solution improves customer interactions quickly, as shown in a Points Program for a client. Atento Insights transcribed and analyzed 2,000 customer conversations using GenAI and identified the main reasons why clients were closing the deal. By identifying this, we were able to create the best sales arguments and contact times. Additionally, our AI auditor performed accurate interaction validations, correcting human errors. The outcome? Sales volume more than doubled.

Pablo Sánchez, CMO at Atento, shares a forward-thinking perspective that summarizes our journey towards delivering exceptional customer experience with the Atento AI Studio: “our unique platform transforms customer interactions by integrating our proprietary Data Ocean to organize and analyze data, in conjunction with a prompt library that uses conversations, ensuring fluid, natural, and personalized communication.  We are committed to listening and proactively responding to the evolving needs of our customers through innovative, AI-driven personalization and a robust feedback loop supported by technology with a human touch. Every customer interaction allows us to learn and improve, paving the way towards providing unparalleled customer experiences. We are not simply reacting to changes; we are anticipating them, but becoming the leader in Business Transformation Outsourcing, ensuring that every move we make is informed by real, actionable insights from those we serve”.

Atento’s determination to use consumer feedback as a strategic resource, positions it as a trailblazer that is shaping the future of how businesses engage with and value their customers. 


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