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Automated Back Office

We look beyond frontend customer processes to automate our clients back office with an intention to optimize the whole E2E value stream. This helps boosting our clients efficiency and ensure an exceptional end-to-end CX.



1. Legal Confidentiality Automation
2. Legal BPO
3. Banking Accounts
4. Credit Origination – Payroll loans
5. Credit Origination – Cards
6. Credit Origination – Mortgage
7. Back Office Automation
8. RPA Factory

Extraction of unstructured texts of judicial documents with the order of breach of bank and telephone secrecy, which identifies, understands and automatically classifies information relevant to the process, through semantic technology, providing the data for treatment in a fast, consistent way and ensuring time and quality control.

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End-to-end management of lawsuits (civil, labor and administrative causes), acting from the automatic capture of processes and assembly of reports, analysis of evidence and history of decisions, control of deadlines and generation of subsidies with Monitoring via online dashboards, up to the closure of the process and recovery of payments, providing intelligence to the business with greater assertiveness in making decisions related to agreements or executions.

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Formalization of opening bank accounts, from the capturing and checking documents and fraud prevention, to authorization for opening, with self-service adoption, process integration and automation, seeking agility in the response to the consumer and reducing administrative costs.

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Efficient paycheck-deductible lending management, from document capture and checking, through credit margin release, credit analysis and fraud prevention, through to contract filing. We nimbly pursue the best consumer response time and administrative costs reduction by implementing self-service solutions for banking correspondents. All of this based on process integration and automation.

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Solutions to automate card sales management, from capturing documents to contract execution, including processes that focus on fraud prevention, as well as on service quality, cost reduction, agility, and automation.

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Efficient and integrated management of the relationship with prospects and borrowers. We manage the analysis of documents, contracts, legal validation, service and signature of the proposal.

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Increased back-office speed and accuracy, automating manual entry and reducing operating costs, adopting process consultancy, OCR, Facial Recognition, RPA and distributed data for manual typing.

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Solution that automize the repetitive processes, able to capturing/interpreting data from an application to process transactions, manipulate data and establish communications with others digital systems.

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