iBPM – Integrated Business Process Management

Intelligent Automation
Revolutionizing Operations with Cloud-Based Efficiency

iBPM, a proprietary technology of Atento, is a unified and multipurpose rules engine designed for modern business process management. This cloud-based solution, built on a microservices architecture, offers a versatile and cost-effective approach to managing a wide array of digital processes.

Unified Rules Engine

A versatile platform that can handle various business rules and processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Cloud-Based Microservices Architecture

Offers scalability, flexibility, and reduced complexity in deployment and maintenance.

Comprehensive Digital Cycle

Includes advanced features, like video recognition, FaceMatch, among many others.

iBPM streamlines and enhances a variety of business processes, from customer interactions to internal operations. Its comprehensive suite of features allows for efficient handling of digital tasks, improving overall operational efficiency and customer experience.

iBPM integrates with FaceMatch technology for enhanced security and identity verification processes. It connects with various APIs for data exchange and process automation, enhancing operational agility and integrates with Serpro, accessing external databases for comprehensive data management and verification.

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