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Born Digital & Technology

Prioritize the human touch in your digital channels

Born-Digital companies share a common differentiator in the marketplace: a keen understanding of the customer journey through digital channels. Broad access to proprietary customer data and a digital-first approach allows them to adapt quickly to evolving customer demands. However, even as customers gravitate towards the convenience of digital services, they still have an inherent need for humanized interactions. A post-pandemic survey showed that 58% of those customers who have interacted with a person during the buying process are more likely to shop with the same brand again*. (Forbes 2021*).

For born-digital companies, the key to achieving brand preference and growth is to leverage digital channels facilitating meaningful human connections.

What we offer:
Next Generation Services

Digitally knowledgeable agents with the ability to deliver engaging brand experiences, act on customers insights, and prioritize empathy in every interaction.

Atento’s Omnichannel capabilities are designed to seamlessly integrate into born-digital companies’ existing CX journeys, introducing the human touch at every stage.

Our solution automates repetitive tasks such as invoicing, monitoring, data transferring, security, and reporting; allowing agents’ time to have more meaningful engagements. Using RPA, we measure operation outcomes, improve employee productivity, lower new service development costs, and enhance the customers experience.

How we can help:

Customer Care


Technical Support



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