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Credit Origination Revolution: The Power of Automation

Transforming the credit approval process from 8 days to a mere 20 minutes, yielding a remarkable cost savings of over USD$40M


  • Roll out a document capture and processing solution that spans dealers, the agency network, Icarros portal, and OLX.
  • Compress processing durations from a matter of days down to just minutes.
  • Amplify customer satisfaction and purchase intent.
  • Markedly diminish manual labor requirements.


  • Launched a user-friendly portal and mobile app at Point-of-Sale (PoS), integrated seamlessly with established bank systems and bureaus including Detran/Denatran and SEFAZ.
  • Employed OCR and ICR technologies to automate the data extraction tasks that once required manual handling.
  • Incorporated advanced signature and facial recognition capabilities.
  • Streamlined approval workflows via a sophisticated Rules Engine.


  • Enabled real-time oversight of demand and pivotal business metrics, such as proposal approval and rejection rates.
  • Over 12,000 resellers now leverage this transformative solution.
  • Facilitated the automated disbursement of payments.


  • Slashed SLAs, transitioning from an 8-day wait down to a lightning-fast 20 minutes.
  • Realized substantial cost savings, totaling $40M.
  • Halved processes that once demanded human intervention.
  • The solution has been adopted and is actively used by over 12,000 resellers.
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