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Innovative Voice Intelligent BOT

Xtrabot by Atento: Enhancing Railway Traveler Experiences


  • Boost customer satisfaction while simultaneously curbing costs.
  • Phasing out the traditional IVR tone system.
  • Full automation of straightforward queries, eliminating the need for human intervention.


  • Integrate real-time updates on pricing and incidents, ensuring cohesion with the railway’s website.
  • Utilize Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for voice BOT, facilitating open-ended questions.
  • Post-call satisfaction survey for continual feedback and improvement.
  • Introduced a semi-automated claims service leveraging Azure Speech to Text.


  • Achieved automation of half the target typologies, totaling 30 out of 60.
  • Integrated Atento’s in-house Xtrabot solution seamlessly with client systems
  • Capable of handling massive influx of up to 180 concurrent calls, or 10k calls in an hour.


  • An overwhelming 94% of calls are managed exclusively by Xtrabot.
  • The remaining 6% of calls, which might require a more specialized touch, are smoothly redirected by a virtual agent.
  • A significant 12% of total calls have been wholly automated.
  • Xtrabot proudly automated around 4 million calls throughout 2020.
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