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People Analytics: Proactively Addressing Agent Attrition

Harnessing machine learning to spotlight agents at risk of voluntary departure. 


Significantly curtail voluntary agent departures, specifically among those with over 90 days of tenure.


  • Devised a predictive model that not only allocates a risk score to each agent but also elucidates the significance of influencing factors.
  • By spotlighting agents with pronounced attrition risks, targeted preventative strategies are promptly initiated.


  • Our innovative model confers a unique probability score on every agent, facilitating individualized management.
  • By classifying agents into distinct programs and hierarchical tiers, we streamline the process of prioritizing intervention measures.


We’ve registered a substantial dip in monthly attrition rates by 0.8 percentage points, which concurrently produced a favorable ripple effect on absenteeism rates.

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