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“Process consultancy” CASE – Utilities Client


To conduct a comprehensive Process Consultancy project to optimize the client’s operations.


  • Analysis of the main processes as identified and prioritized by a work group made up of representatives from various service units and Business managers, applying Lean Methodology, plus Atento’s know-how.
  • We analyzed 14 critical complex processes and determined that the following indicators required improvement:
    • Satisfaction Levels
    • Attention Levels
    • Service Levels
    • Operation Time
    • Waiting Time
    • Attention Time


We proposed 149 improvement measures to optimize the following processes:

  • Intervention team optimization

  • Clearer customer communications

  • Detection and escalation of technical and operational errors.

  • Identification of follow-up needs, training, team-building, and creation of e-mail and SMS communication policies.

  • Determination of material process milestones.

  • Complete flow design for internal and customer views.


The project was recognized in the 2018 Atento Awards 2018 as Best Practice in the “Business Process Transformation” category, as exemplary Operations Transformation Consultancy.

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